Leverage the power of People


Customer community

Let customers interact with each other and create content, ask and answer queries and save time and money hiring tens of customer support executives

Brand ambassadors

Turn your customers into your brand ambassadors and offer rewards for creating more content for your products and brand.

Investor community

Building on web3?

Create passionate investor communities with regular engagement, AMA events and interesting activities.

Student community

Introduce peer learning by building online student communities and increase trust towards your organisation while helping students learn faster and smarter.


Reddit marketing

Promote your products and services in niche sub-Reddits and show-up before thousands of high quality potential users

Product marketing

Ranking on product hunt is easy. Hard is to maintain the momentum for long term. Create a 360 degree momentum for product launch with your customised plan

Twitter marketing

Unlock organic growth and engagement on Twitter by leveraging user generated content and reach more people without running ads

Quora Marketing

Leverage Quora to get the word out about your products and get seen by high quality audience and grow on search rankings