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it walks like an ad, it talks like an ad, it screams like an ad, it’s an ad... hence I am not going to click it”

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I am extremely happy to introduce Afleet to the world. We believe, Afleet will bring the lost art of organic marketing back to startups. In this first version itself you will have everything to turn your social media followers and strangers into your raving fans. But before talking about it, let share why we are even creating a software like it.

Death of Advertising


Renaissance Period. Image only for illustration

Organic marketing is, still, the best way to promote your brand. People still buy products when their friends and families recommend.

Almost for two years I spent thousands of dollars on Facebook ads, google ads and many more inorganic marketing strategies. Other than massive hype of advertisement, we thought we will run ads and that alone will make us a massive hit. And when we began it was not bad. We were getting leads, sales and growing our user base. However, with pleasures of advertising, came the flood of other advertisers.

People with big money and millions of dollars started dominating the industry...

It didn’t take more than six months to go from being in 200% profit to 50% loss. We were literally making $1 on each $2 spent. Months later after shutting my business and beginning my consulting business, I saw the same challenges for other clients.

Growing restrictions, Account bans and changing policies have made it incredibly hard for businesses to really focus on what they want to do.

This is exactly why we decided to look into a different kind of marketing. Something new but yet thousands of years old...

Something that people are doing for generations. Something that is connected deeply with our existence. And there were people who were working in that direction... But there was big human factor lost from all equations.

Time by time we reached to the same conclusion “Technology alone can not solve a human problem”... And sales, growth and branding is more of a human problem then a technical problem.

What Inspires People to do What they Do?

We asked this questions again and again while helping our clients to build their communities... And one day, while sitting beside the river, playing with my keypad deep in my head I found the answer (kidding! I was actually watching a YouTube shorts).

Being social intelligent creatures, we take decisions based on suggestions, opinions and thoughts. And mostly from other people whom we trust.

And we were right! While looking at stats we see 70% of Gen Z look for opinions from their favourite social media influencers before buying a product. 

Introducing Afleet


Renaissance Period. Image only for illustration

Afleet is an Ambassador Development Software. It helps you turn your social media followers into your raving fans. You can reward your most engaging fans, launch campaigns to build a true organic growth, increase social media engagements and eventually build a truly amazing community who loves your brand.

Features and Benefits 

We built Afleet to solve our own challenge. We wanted to build a software that can help our clients' life easier. We wanted to create a tool to fix broken marketing...

Here are some of the advantages of Afleet

  • Create a Branded Ambassador Program and Hire people based on their skills and other criteria.
  • Incentivise people to grow social media engagement or create their own content.
  • Launch social media campaigns to grow your engagement. After all, social media engagements do matter.
  • Offer rewards like NFTs, assets, T-shirts or anything in exchange of their work. You can create any type of rewards.
  • Send emails and Telegram reminders when you launch a new campaign.

And so much more...

We imagined a software that can really implement Parrato’s 20/80 principle in marketing and now we would like to offer it to you. You can schedule a free Demo and Consulting call here Feel free to reach out to us at

if you have any further question.

Himanshu Bisht

PS: Would like to share our further Road-map here. We are working on referral rewards, brand new UI in the next version. Since it’s a first version and even though we have taken thousands of hours trying to fix everything, there is a lot more room to improve. The next version will have the power to turn organic world-of-mouth marketing on steroids.

We can’t wait to show you what we have got. Book a free demo here

Let us show you how can you leverage communities to the full potential

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