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Hire your hungry, passionate and experienced marketing squad to lift your marketing game

!!To be honest!! Do you really need to spend millions on marketing?

Or there is a better way!

Do you need another marketing agency? Or All you want is some dope people who can commit the same passion as you to launch your project! Or you are just tired of lame promises and looking for mfrs who can do whatever it takes just like you. 

We have worked with some of the top notch agencies and projects from every domain. DeFi, Play2Earn, NFT and Deep tech web3 projects; we know our sh*t. This is exactly why we know how "some" of the projects spend millions of their funding on marketing and get average to below average result. 

Imagine this!

We want you to work with a dream marketing team from day one. Forget agencies and fixed hours! Forget lame social media posts and baseless claims. We have developed a unique web3 marketing system to help you take your project to the next level at THE BUGET YOU ARE COMFORTABLE WITH.

And we are gonna give it to you.

Web3 Marketing System

When we will get on a call we will give you the exact formula and strategies you require to take your project to the next level with Afleet. Influencer marketing, Content, Social media, community... forget the clutter. You will get a crisp clear idea of what it really takes




Our Process

Social Media

We use proven copywriting formulas like PAS (Problem, agitation, solution), HSO (Hook, Story, Offer), and unique word narratives to craft every single tweet so your every tweet reaches the right audience. We mix memes, technical education, and company updates so your Twitter handles can stand out from the competition.

Content and Blog

Content is the gateway to search engine marketing. This is why, when we will work together, every article will be optimized for specific keywords so it can rank on Google. We will mix internal and external links and make a dedicated SEO audit before putting the words out.

Ambassador Marketing

Afleet’s ultimate platform will offer you a relaxing experience as you manage your micro-influencers or ambassadors. Will collaborative social media, a leaderboard, unlimited rewards, and many more features, you will get an ultimate experience whether we manage it completely or you want to manage it by yourself. It is all included.

Press Release

The press release is critical for building brand authority. This is why we have built network with top-notch agencies for you. We will introduce you to different PR agencies according to your budget and work with them according to the requirement.

Community Growth, Followers, and Show-off

We understand the value of numbers in branding. This is why we will run community growth and guerrilla events to help you reach your social media goals. We have our own network to achieve these marketing goals.

Communication management

Web3 is overwhelming. Hundreds of partners, investors, agencies, and associates at the same time. As a team, we will work closely with your stakeholders to handle communication so you can focus on building.

Let's begin with a call

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