Launching Afleet University for Ambassadors

We are happy to announce that Afleet University is now live and you can access it at

In our experience of working with hundreds of Influencers and brand ambassadors, we know how challenging the journey of success can be. It takes time to create high-quality, engaging and fun content that brings results for your clients and for yourself. This is exactly why we are starting this platform.

The university access will only be available to the ambassadors and influencers of all brands working with Afleet.

The next few courses will be based on Reddit marketing, Twitter Marketing and many other less-talked powerful organic methods. We believe, it will help small influencers and ambassadors to get the knowledge that was only available to the elites.

We are also in touch with some successful influencers who will be sharing their knowledge and experience through Afleet University.

This is one of the most transformative steps in the field of Organic marketing history and perhaps we are the first to launch something like this. 

I believe it will help our partners, their ambassadors and everyone associated with Afleet to reach a new height. The first course is now live!

Let us show you how can you leverage communities to the full potential

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