Want to Join 100% Remote Team of Developers, Marketers and Entrepreneurs?

1. We are not looking for corporate-style employees.

2. Values, Ethics, Personal integrity is wayy beyond any of your skills for us. But of course, show your best when we connect.

3. We love humans, plants, animals and everything around that exists in the universe. No politics, no racist thinking, no biases, no "this is the only way" thinking.

[Hiring Actively] Current Positions

We need you. and if our vibes match, we think you are going to love being in Afleet

Business Developer (Blockchain)

If you understand and love web3, you are one of us. Join us to revolutionise organic marketing in blockchain industry, one company at a time.

Preferred candidate location: Ukraine, Nigeria, India, Phillipines

Business Developer (Fin-Tech)

We handle that "non-serious" part of Fintech industry. Join us to spread ambassador movement across the globe in fin-tech industry

Preferred candidate location: Ukraine, India, Phillipines

Ambassador Program manager

Kinda serious job. Good with excel, organisation, team management etc. But most importantly, genuine care for people around you.

Preferred candidate location: India, Phillipines

Social media Manager

 Meme, fun video editing, and stupid-crazy head who doesn't mind having fun on twitter and Instagram.

Preferred candidate location: India, Phillipines, United States


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