How Data Defenders Program Helped Hypersign to invent a better product

Hypersign is an award-winning Identity management company. In this ambassador marketing case study, you will know how their brand ambassador program helped them launch a revolutionary product and build a loyal fan base while working with Afleet.

The Case Profile

  • Client: Hypersign (
  • Industry: Blockchain
  • Target audience: Early tech adopters and blockchain economy fanatics
  • Goal: To test newly launched product Hyperfyre, now popular as and spread awareness about the company

Afleet Case Study: Hypersign ambassador program


Problem: Hypersign had a good credibility and very high authority but low visibility before their product launch. This is why, attracting sincere, long-term community members was very difficult. But even more difficult was to retain people who were excited and had already joined the community. 

Team's top-most priority was to onboard people who can participate in product testing, give genuine feedback and promote it on social media.

Solution: Brand ambassador program with a unique positioning.


  • Hypersign attracted more than 1000 applications from all across the industry and 20 committed ambassadors to work for long term turning ambassador program recruitment itself as a great marketing event.
  • More than 2000 pieces of user generated content all across the social media including Twitter, Reddit, YouTube, Medium within 2 months. 
  • The newly launched product resolved hundreds of bugs before coming in the market saving tonnes of headache for the team and clients... and perhaps saving lost revenue
  • Many brand ambassadors became their long term influencers and referrers and introduced new customers to the project.


We recently published how Creatorchain uses Afleet to manage their brand ambassadors. Unlike Creatorchain, Hypersign wanted ambassadors to not only promote but also offer genuine product feedback. This is why, it was important to build a unique relationship between the Ambassadors. 

Here are some interesting learnings from the case
  • Branding: Hypersign ambassadors are called Data defenders which represents clear goal for the team. It brought exclusivity and a sense of Tribe in the group.
  • Humanising the Experience: We invented a unique persona "Hyperman", the protector of data for everyone and internalised it in the group by creating slogan and a character related to it.
  • Monthly Ambassador Meetup: Critical part of building a successful ambassador program is maintaining communication among the members. A dedicated ambassador group helped people to stay connected and share their work. It encouraged more people to work more passionately.
  • Reward tokens and Recognition: Every month, ambassadors received rewards for their work based on their performance. At the same time, team made sure that the highly contributing ambassadors are recognised through different official channels.

Summing Up

Brand ambassador programs are often connected with marketing. However, Hypersign taught us how with right tools and team we can turn Afleet into a product testing tool as well. 

Afleet was under development when we launched Hypersign ambassador program. Can you Imagine what wonders we can do now in your business when Afleet got nitro features like shared leaderboard, calendar updates, much powerful campaign management and evaluation system?

Let us show you how can you leverage communities to the full potential

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