Quickly launch Your

Brand Ambassador Program

that builds powerful media presence and sells your products and ideas

(without hiring or depending upon an expert marketing team)

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Afleet enables you to tap into the power of community

1. Recruit Your Ambassador Army

invite your community members to become your brand ambassadors...

2. Manage and Evaluate their work

Gamified assessment helps ambassadors to earn points every time when they complete campaigns successfully...

3. Give Custom Rewards...

Art, T-Shirts, Hats... anything that you love and they love so their hard-work is worth

4. Build Powerful Habits

Repeat and build daily habits and it becomes effortless to build massive organic presence, increase sales and build market narrative with afleet

The ambassador program helped us to increase our reach to the community, be truly connected and understand what our community wants

Tam, Marketing head - ShuttleOne

Hi, My name is Himanshu...

I am founder of Afleet and my mission is to help 1000 companies to tap into the power of brand ambassador programs. 

I am excited to get on a call with you and discuss if we can have this brand partnership...