Work submission

The Different Types of Urgency Campaigns You Can Create
By Kushagra Konnark
Work submission

To submit your work for a particular campaign navigate to the campaign card and click on “Details”

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A pop-up window will appear where the ambassador can submit their work for each task.

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In the link section submit the link of the particular task and do the same for every task.Once the ambassador Had entered the links, Click on Submit button next to each link input field.

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Once the links are submitted, these links will be sent to the Ambassador program manager who will evaluate the work submissions based on the guidelines and instructions given in the campaign.

The program manager will then choose to either reject or approve the work submission.

If the work submitted is approved: In this case, Ambassador will be notified via email that the “Work submission for a particular campaign has been approved”. 

As the work submission is approved by the program manager The Ambassador will automatically receive the reward points associated with the campaign which can be seen in the dashboard section.

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If the work submitted is rejected: In this case, the Ambassador will be notified via his or her email that the work submitted for the particular campaign is rejected along with the reason for the rejection of the work submitted.

Ambassadors can then update their work according to the feedback received and re-submit their work by following the same process within the campaign duration.

The completed campaigns will appear in the “Completed Campaigns” section

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