The Different Types of Urgency Campaigns You Can Create
By Kushagra Konnark

In this Section The Ambassador can update his “Profile settings” and “Payment settings”

To access the settings page, click on “Settings” in the side menu bar of the portal.

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Profile Settings

To update the details of the ambassador’s profile go to settings and then profile section.

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Here Ambassador can update all the personal details such as Profile image, Name, Country, Address, City, Social links, etc which will be reflected on the program portal. These details are also helpful for the Ambassador program manager to send physical rewards.

To edit the details, click on “Edit” button.

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Once the “Edit” button is clicked, all the input fields become editable and the ambassador can fill in the details.

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Once all the details are filled in, click on “Save” button to save your changes.

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Updating Payment and wallet details

On the Afleet portal, the ambassador can provide his/her payment and Web3 wallet address to receive Cash and Token rewards.

To update or fill in your payment details on the Afleet portal, click on “Payment and Wallet” inside the Settings page.

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Click on the “Edit” button to update or enter the payment detailsOnce the “Edit” button is clicked, the field becomes editable and ambassadors can fill their “Paypal email” and “Web3 Wallet” addresses.

Note: Please make sure to provide the correct payment details on the portal as these details will be used by the program manager to distribute rewards.

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