RP Based rewards

The Different Types of Urgency Campaigns You Can Create
By Kushagra Konnark
RP Based rewards
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These reward points can be redeemed in exchange for a particular reward offered by the Ambassador program manager in the “Reward”  section.

To check for the available rewards given by the Ambassador program manager, go to the reward section on the side menu bar

In this section Ambassadors can see all the rewards available to be redeemed in exchange for the reward points or RPs they have earned.

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To check the details of the reward Click on the “Details” button under the reward cardA dialogue box will appear in which all the details related to the report and the expiry date and the RPs needed to claim the reward is mentioned.If you wish to claim the reward just click on redeem now button. Once the reward is redeemed the request for the reward claim will be sent to the Ambassador program manager. Also, the total number of reward points that were required to claim this reward will be deducted temporarily from the ambassador’s total RPs that he/she had at the time of claim.

In case the reward claim gets rejected: The ambassador will be notified via email. The ambassador will be notified via email and the status of the reward will also be changed to “Rejected”

Ambassador will receive back the reward points deducted while claiming the reward. These reward points can now again be used to redeem some other reward.

In case the reward is accepted: The ambassador will be notified via email. The reward points used to claim this reward will be permanently deducted And The Ambassador will receive the report that he/she has claimed.

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The ambassadors can also check for available rewards and their claim rewards by clicking on the “Available rewards” and “Claimed rewards” button respectively

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