How to complete custom campaign to earn points

The Different Types of Urgency Campaigns You Can Create
By Himanshu
How to complete custom campaign to earn points

Here is a step by step guide to start promoting custom campaign:

Open the “Campaigns” section to know about the Ongoing and Upcoming campaigns.


By clicking on view more, you can see all the details related to the campaign and what task you need to perform in order to complete this campaign


Make sure to read every detail about the campaign in order to efficiently complete it

IMG 0368

Once you will start promoting, it will turn status from "Available" to "Ongoing".

IMG 0361

Read the details of each task and submit your link. 

IMG 0363

Once you submit your work, it will be sent for verification. You can see the status for each task on the top. 

IMG 0366

Note that there can be 3 status for tasks:

  • Pending - pending first submission
  • Pending Verification - once you submit and it it yet to be reviewed
  • Accepted - Accepted submission
  • Rejected - Your submission is rejected and you will need to submit again

Until all submissions are accepted, your campaign will keep showing "ongoing".

Once submissions are accepted, the campaign will start to show in "Completed" status and you will be able to see your reward points on your profile and top right.

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