How platform works?

The Different Types of Urgency Campaigns You Can Create
By Kushagra Konnark
How platform works?

Marketing Campaigns are created on Afleet by companies to boost social engagement on their socials and increase user-generated content by creating various tasks in a campaign for ambassadors. Each campaign has Reward points (RPs) to it which an ambassador earns after completing the campaign tasks. The Ambassador program manager creates a campaign on Afleet through the Client portal.

Once the campaign is made live, all the ambassadors enrolled in the ambassador program are notified about the campaign on their email and they can see the live campaign on their Ambassador portals.

Through the ambassador portal, the ambassador can start promoting the campaign based on the campaign guidelines set by the program manager.

As ambassadors complete the campaign, they receive certain RPs (Reward points) for completing the campaign. These RPs can be redeemed by the ambassadors for Rewards set by the program manager (Cash rewards, goodies, NFTs, Tokens, Merchandise, Offers and Discounts) which can be created on the portal itself.

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