Dashboard Section

The Different Types of Urgency Campaigns You Can Create
By Kushagra Konnark
Dashboard Section

Dashboard: The Dashboard section gives you a quick overview of your ambassador program.

All the details of the ambassador program is shown here along with an overview of the marketing campaigns that are running in the ambassador program.

Here you can also have a quick look at the Live “Campaigns” running at the moment along with the completed and upcoming camapigns.


Campaign Details

To check the details of the campaigns in the dashboard section, click on the "i" button on the campaign card.

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Here, program manager can have an overview of the campaign.

Reached: Total Campaign's reach gained from the ambassadors.

Enrolled ambassadors: Total ambassadors enrolled in the campaign

Duration: Total time lapsed since the campaign has gone live.

Submisions: Total ambassadors submissions received by the enrolled ambassadors.

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