Case Study: Creator Used Afleet to Launch a Community-Driven Product Launch

Client Profile

Creatorchain.Network is an integrated blockchain ecosystem. It offers multiple niche services like a Decentralised launchpad, NFT marketplace, No-code smart contract platform, news network and many other products under one umbrella. Creator's work has been featured on many notable magazines in their industry and has a rich ecosystem. 

We started working with the client before the launch and initial marketing started. This case study will feature ambassador program development, recruitment and management highlights for the project. Report also features different lessons and feedbacks received from the event.

ambassador program case study brief


  • To retain community members to support for long term till the product development finishes
  • Increase awareness through social media for their new product launches
  • Building more meaningful conversation and engagement on social media about the platform and services

Results and outcomes

  • Creatorchain Network successfully launched their token sale with 1000% growth within 30 days of launch having ambassador program as a notable contributor to the success
  • Creatorchain Twitter exploded with multifold growth in social media engagement and brand awareness
  • Creatorchain was able to reward and retain their most helpful investor and customer community


We worked with Creatorchain to build a global ambassador network made up of blockchain enthusiasts, active social media users and content creators.

With Afleet's easy to use recruitment form, we announced the launch of ambassador program through Creatorchain official handles on Twitter and Telegram. Since Creator opted to become a premium partner, we wanted to use this event itself as a tool for promotion.

To do that, we promoted the program to our network on 1500+ individuals in the industry. Also, we listed the program on different channels where industry enthusiasts were actively looking for recruitment opportunities. On the top, we also promoted the program through influencer network Creator had developed in the past.

We received a massive response of over 600 people from different countries including Nigeria, US, Russia, Ukraine, India, Turkey, China, Korea. Since we only wanted 30 ambassadors we made an assessment based on multiple criteria...

... for example, experience in the industry, skill set, number of followers and engagement on social media etc. This helped us build a strong ambassador army before the launch.

Once all the ambassadors were enrolled, Afleet's dashboard made it easy to launch new campaigns and create a reward structure suited best for the client's goals.

Creatorchain received some great results because of the entire launch and also decided to extend it beyond 3 months. Below are some very interesting key takeaways from the program

Lessons and feedbacks

Ambassadors were responsible for early engagement on Creatorchain's social media posts. Interestingly, since posts received great engagement in first few minutes, we saw Twitter pushed more organic growth for the posts increasing the impression score of the post.

Brand ambassadors created blog articles, Quora posts and promoted the company beyond social media. It also helped in SEO or Search engine marketing for the client in the long term.

Monthly evaluation done by the Afleet team made sure that the Creator team received regular reports and was able to adjust their reward budget every month. Later on, the team decided to fix the reward budget for each month which (in our opinion) was a better approach.

Other than typical monetary rewards, Creator team also offered social rewards, whitelisting spot for other company events for ambassadors. This variety helped ambassadors to have more options to choose from the reward list.

Important: We saw some of the ambassadors were trying to by pass the system by providing other people's work. However, Afleet's individual rejection system helped us to prevent it. Our team carefully evaluated all work on daily basis and ended up stopping all shortcuts and also send warning to the individuals.


Ambassador program played critical role in Creatorchain's initial launch phase.

  • It offered more opportunities to get involved for community members.
  • Performance based incentives through Afleet made sure that the program budget is well spent. 
  • Use of recruitment itself as a marketing event helped thousands of real industry users to find out about the project.

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