Ambassador Marketing: Complete Guide for a Startup

The fact is, we all rely upon people's reviews for our buying decisions and this can become the key for Your market adoption.

Whether it's about buying a new Ape Image or another organic facial cream, social media plays a very important role in discovering products and services we use in our everyday life.

In this Ultimate Guide to ambassador marketing, we will cover all aspects of brand ambassador management planning, strategy and recruitment.

Who is a Brand Ambassador?

Often times, brand ambassadors get confused by influencers, so thus ambassador marketing as influencer marketing. However, both the terms are quite different. While an Instagram celebrity might be an influencer, they may or may not be the brand ambassador for a company.

Brand ambassadors are community members, users and customers who are familiar with your ideas and products and want to share about it. They can be local influencers, global influencers or even can be everyday users. The big difference in them and typical influencers is, they are your users and customers so they will cost less and will have much higher brand loyalty than a typical influencer.

What brand ambassadors can do?

ShuttleOne a Singapore based lending platform leverages brand ambassadors for creating more awareness on social media. Hypersign at the same place, used ambassador program to bring new customers to their platform.

Here are some of the goals you can achieve with ambassadors?

  • Creating user generated content
  • Generated more leads
  • Spread your message and promote the brand narrative on social media
  • Build brand awareness and authority
  • Create high social media engagement and reach

In short, ambassador marketing is your go-to strategy for creating massive impact without spending money on advertisement. 

Pro Tip: You can retarget people visiting your website through ambassadors and exponentially improve your advertising campaigns.

This leads us to the main chapter of this tutorial, which is How to launch and run a brand ambassador program

Ambassador Marketing Plan Architecture
Your monthly marketing strategy must have a budget for ambassador program

While in all marketing models, customers are kept at the bottom of the funnels, a community driven marketing does exactly opposite.

Ambassador marketing turns your users and customers into your flag holders who are responsible to bring more customers for your business. 

So in a sense, influencer promotion becomes a natural way to grow a brand easily. In Afleet, we have developed all the tools that you might require to manage a successful ambassador program without selling your soul.

3 Steps to launch your first ambassador program


It begins with an announcement through your email list, social media and whichever channel of communication you use. Here requires a form with basic questions a potential ambassador can fill along with the perks and benefits of the program.

Before you make an announcement, keep a list of benefits, rewards, type of activities and expectations from ambassadors. This is all the information which we will use in our announcement.

Here requires a dedicated ambassador manager who will evaluate all the applications and onboard right people.

You can use Afleet to launch a recruitment form in one single click. For our premium partners we offer a dedicated blog post with complete program details which you can share with your community through social media. 


Once we have a list of selected ambassadors, now it's time to invite them for a call to explain the rules of the game. If you are using Afleet, you can gamify entire ambassador experience with reward points and tasks.

Ambassadors will earn reward points for completing their activities which they can later convert into real rewards (we will talk about rewards in the next section). You can completely customise what is going to be the max cap as well as the number of reward points ambassadors will receive when they complete a campaign.

This creates a fun environment for everyone in the community and they feel excited and engaged. Ambassadors can submit their work for each campaign from their dashboard. You can either accept or reject their submission. If you accept, platform will automatically distribute reward points to the ambassador.


Incentives make sure that good ambassadors are getting paid for their efforts. This doesn't only have to be in terms of money. You can create any type of rewards through Afleet ambassador software. You can also decide the required points to claim the reward. Ambassadors can claim their rewards and you can manage it all from a single dashboard.

Remember, money is not the only reward you can offer. Social rewards, appreciation and recognition is a beautiful way to know an ambassador how important their work is.

Now when you know what it takes to launch your first ambassador program, let's talk about some common questions that you might have before launching a program... shall we?

Frequently Asked Questions About Ambassador Marketing

What kind of business can launch an ambassador program?

Any business with an active community, customer base or a user base can launch an ambassador program. If you have a product or an idea that you want to turn into a movement, ambassador program is right fit for you. 

Do I need to have a community to launch an ambassador program?

It is always better to have an active community (even small) or a user base before launching an ambassador program. However, this is not the only way. There are different ways to turn ambassador program launch itself into a method to bring massive attention for your company. You can schedule a free call with our representative to discuss.

How ambassador marketing is different from influencer marketing? aka influencer marketing vs brand ambassadors!

Influencer marketing targets key opinion leaders and people with big social media followings. While it can work in some cases, a lot of times, it's expensive as well as ineffective due to lack of brand loyalty from influencers themselves. Ambassador marketing on the other hand, makes use of your existing users and fans to turn them into your promoters. They might not have million followers but they will become true fans giving you two edge advantage. Ambassadors may or may not be the influencers in their space.

How ambassador marketing is different from advertising?

Advertising is a different brand of marketing and works well with ambassador programs. You can retarget people coming through ambassadors and increase your advertising campaign effectiveness to multifold. However, advertising makes use of inorganic strategies like search engine advertisement, social media ads, media buying and similar. While, ambassador marketing is an incentive based marketing where users get rewarded for creating user generated content.

Can ambassadors help in Search Engine Optimization?

Search engine optimisation requires high quality backlinks in quantity. More people talk about you, search engine will receive more signals about your website. So, yes! ambassador marketing gives massive advantage to search engine optimisation naturally.

Are ambassadors effective for social media marketing?

Ambassador marketing naturally helps you grow social media in organic manner. Your ambassadors will engage with your post in first few minutes. Also, you can launch campaigns for comments, retweets, reshare specifically to increase visibility. You can also launch campaigns specifically for particular social media from your campaign tab in afleet dashboard. Ambassadors are very effective to achieve Social media marketing goals.

Let us show you how can you leverage communities to the full potential

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