Surprising Lessons from ShuttleOne Ambassador Program: Case Study

ShuttleOne Network is an award-winning startup from Singapore. They are building digital currency infrastructure to facilitate Decentralised finance and payment solutions.  

ShuttleOne launched their new shuttleone token on Tezos blockchain in late 2021 and decided to use Afleet for their organic marketing and reigniting their old community.

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The Case

Client Profile

ShuttleOne - DeFi gateway for traditional business.


To launch product in a brand new market without any prior exposure.

  1. There is zero initial demand for the product.
  2. There is little to no brand awareness of the company in the new market.
  3. There is no active community and near zero response on official social media.

Afleet premium package


1. ShuttleOne saw 1400% average growth on their social media engagement


photo 2022 07 07 16.04.48


photo 2022 07 07 16.04.46

2. ShuttleOne successfully launched their product on Tezos in the middle of an overwhelming market demand.

Screenshot 2022 07 07 at 4.11.17 PM

3. Project community group enjoys more than 10,000 messages from industry enthusiasts every month

community growth - screenshot

4. ShuttlOne token $SZO (Coingecko) saw 500% growth after being inactive for months on Binance/Ethereum chains. It is completely organic market response

shuttleone price change


Shuttleone is a reputed finTech startup from Singapore. Team works with tens of traditional businesses in south-east Asia to introduce them to decentralized finance and other blockchain services. ShuttleOne wanted to raise funds publicly on Tezos blockchain however, there was no demand for their tokens. This leads them to Afleet as they realised ambassadors can be great for brand awareness initially.

ShuttleOne launched ambassador program and promoted the drive to specific market as per the suggestion. Within seven days the program received more than 500 entries from active crypto enthusiasts who wanted to work with ShuttleOne.

Ambassadors slowly penetrated new markets and within one month ShuttleOne social media channels saw whooping 500% growth. Same got reflected in anticipation of the product along the way. Within one month, ShuttleOne launched their token sale and raised more than $60,000 in a small niche market.



Recently we covered Creatorchain network case study where we mentioned how project used Afleet to reward their own community. However, the case with ShuttleOne was different. ShuttleOne was entering in a new market and the goal was to create initial demand. 

Because of this reason, recruitment of ambassadors came from the industry enthusiasts instead of project community itself.

You can use ambassador program to penetrate new markets

You can invite industry influencers and enthusiasts to become your brand ambassador and beta testers. 

This is a great way to create initial demand for your products.

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