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Companies are looking for experts who can help them grow social engagement, increase market demand and brand trust through communities. Become Afleet certified consultant and help others!

Client Testimonial

Rachel N Creator ambassador program helped us to build more engagement in official community and grow organic twitter discussions during the launch. We can't think of anything else other than Afleet when comes to ambassador management.

How it works

Earning extra commission with Afleet is simple...

Step 1: Grab your affiliate link from the dashboard

Once approved, get your unique affiliate link that you can share with your friends and professional network.

Step 2: Refer others to Afleet

Create content about Afleet on your Twitter, blog, YouTube or anywhere you want! Or simply use your network to refer Afleet to your clients!

Step 3: Use PayPal to get earnings into your bank account

From your affiliate portal you can manage your referral links, cash-out your payments after 30 days and get resources to help you make more profits.

How to promote and grow


Write content or share on social media

Have a YouTube channel or a blog? Share your review, experience or tutorials about Afleet and let customers come to you. 
More content means more views and more income


Refer with clients

Refer Afleet to your existing clients and help them grow their business. It is perfect if you already have a network of clients who are willing to run their ambassador program and grow community.


Offer a service

Launch your own ambassador marketing consultancy and we will help you. We have helped tens of companies and worked with thousands of ambassadors. Talk to us if you are willing to do it.

Important rules

Afleet advocates is an exclusive program and not for everyone. Maintaining high brand reputation is our utmost priority and each Affiliate is important partner for us. Please read the rules carefully before applying. 

  • Brand value: Be critical, provide feedbacks but make sure it is a positive criticism. Intended efforts to create fear, uncertainty and doubt will be restricted without notice.
  • No self-referral: Affiliates are not allowed to refer themselves to get discount 
  • No spam/scam/illegal behaviour including mentioning Afleet on the websites that work with drugs, pornography, spamming or online/offline scams. 

Become part of an exclusive Tribe