word-of-mouth marketing platform

Turn your customers 

into your brand ambassador army

  • Boost your social media engagement without advertisement
  • Grow User-generated content and brand Trust through real people
  • Drive word-of-mouth growth for your products and company 

Can't think of anything else other than Afleet...

Creator ambassador program helped us to build more engagement in official community and grow organic twitter discussions during the launch.

We can't think of anything else other than Afleet when comes to ambassador management. 

Rachel Nguyen
CREATORCHAIN, Blockchain development company

One of the key factor for spreading a word across the world...

Our Ambassador program has been one of the key factors for spreading a word across the world and hence responsible broadly for brand awareness.

Afleet played a major role accomplishing the same in well structured approach.

Dibyo Majumder
INSTARAISE.IO, Fintech startup
Customers served! 1 + clients from 3 industries including blockchain infra, gaming and metaverse


Turn everyone who loves you into your micro-influencer and brand ambassador

Hire your squad

Hire your users, students or community members in your ambassador squad with drag and drop recruitment form


Gamify your marketing

Run twitter engagement campaigns or organise a local Meetup. Ambassadors can earn reward points for participating in campaigns.

Custom campaigns offer unlimited opportunity to work together with your marketing squad to promote your brand and penetrate new markets


Reward the performers

Offer NFTs, Certificates, or simply the Amazon gift cards. New gamified version allows you to create custom rewards that ambassadors can claim when they are eligible


Afleet changed the complete community dynamics for Hypersign.