Skyrocket Your Growth in next 3 Months Without Breaking the Bank

Afleet helps companies save money on marketing while making bigger impact in the long run through community marketing models.

In today's age, product is not sold. It is Adopted

Afleet helped us to increase our reach to the community, be truly connected and understand what our community wants

Tam N.
Marketing Head, ShuttleOne Network

Competitors got big pockets. They can steal your ideas, they can snatch your customers right from your groups...

This is where Afleet comes in.

We help you leverage the power of community marketing and reach niche markets for promoting your brand and product without hassle.

And not just that, we help you build your own close community that people want to join willingly and love to be in without breaking the bank.

Our Services

Community Marketing

Reach beyond advertising. Promote your products in top communities from your industry like niche sub-reddits, Quora, Telegram, Discord or wherever your target customers are hanging-out with Afleet.

Community Building

We help you create thriving online community so you can boost Life-time value and satisfaction of your users  naturally... while we handle it for you, you can spend time doing more important stuff.

Community Consulting

Looking to create your community marketing strategy in-house? Get an expert advice and you might save tens of thousands of dollars in marketing by leveraging our experience of working and analysing hundreds of products.

We Help Companies Launch Products

We Work on Methodological, Scientific and Proven System of Growth

It's time to say no to random tactics and guess work. Reimagine your community growth beyond just unprofessional, unorganised groups and Discord communities with Afleet.

An Alternative to the Marketing Agency Quo.

We’re an end-to-end community marketing service built by pro marketers. We’re technology enabled and structured for speed and efficiency to meet the ever-changing needs of today’s business owner.

Reddit marketing

Promote your products and services in niche sub-Reddits and show-up before thousands of high quality potential users

Discord marketing

Promote your products on Discord by partnering up with niche discord servers and track the performance

Twitter marketing

Unlock organic growth and engagement on Twitter by leveraging user generated content and reach more people without running ads

Quora Marketing

Leverage Quora to get the word out about your products and get seen by high quality audience and grow on search rankings

Social media marketing

Tap on to social media platforms like Instagram and YouTube to give you more visibility through user generated content created by your customers

Ambassador marketing

Turn customers into your loyal brand ambassadors and boost authentic reviews, testimonials and Buzz through them

Community building

Increase customer value and experience by creating customer communities. We gamify the entire experience so your customers love your products even more

Product marketing

Ranking on product hunt is easy. Hard is to maintain the momentum for long term. Create a 360 degree momentum for product launch with your customised plan

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What previous clients are saying about Afleet

vikram anand

Vikram Anand  // Digital Identity

When we launched hypersign It was tough to keep community engaged but Afleet came to rescue and it changed complete community dynamics for us.

Rachel Nguyen // Blockchain

Creator ambassador program helped us to build more engagement in official community and grow organic twitter discussions during the launch. We can't think of anything else other than Afleet when comes to ambassador management.

Dibyo Majumder // Fin Tech

Our Ambassador program has been one of the key factors for spreading a word across the world and hence responsible broadly for brand awareness. Afleet played a major role accomplishing the same in well structured approach.

Case Studies

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