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Your Loyal fans

  • Develop loyalty and boost lifetime value. AKA Make more money
  • Save money on customer support by offering peer to peer engagement
  • Grow organically with authentic User Generated Content

When we launched Hypersign It was tough to keep community engaged but Afleet came to rescue and it changed complete community dynamics for us.

vikram anand

Vikram// co-founder, Hypersign

Your Tribe Building Strategy

You can steal it. Or we can do it for you; and we do it good. Just sayin'

Increase social engagements and shares

With you post something on your social handle, you can quickly deploy your community to engage with it fast, making the most out of every post.

And social media algorithms like Instagram and Twitter love it and offer such posts more visibility.

Boost engagement with a proven strategy

We will develop an incentivisation plan to create new posts, reels, tweets, and more, and create a reward point system for member contribution.

It ensures high engagement and natural, healthy competition.

Increase User-Generated Content

User generated content like Tweets, Reddit posts, and community posts that will rank on Google can attract thousands of new potential customers your way... if done right.

We got it for you!

We have helped companies to Launch Products

You focus on business. we take care of your community

Automate your marketing

We will design, manage and handle the community and you can focus on more important part. 

This means less headache solving customer queries, more engagement and increased LTV, increased virality.

Make most out of every member

With the help of positive psychology, Tribal wisdom from ancient cultures and modern tools, we ensure high engagement and maximum benefits for your members and the company's goals.

Customised for your platform

Our team is familier with Telegram, Discord, Facebook, Circle, Skool and all available community tools. And they are good learners and good human beings. Seriously!

We can also help you choose the platform. Talk to us

What Past Clients are Saying

vikram anand

Vikram Anand  // Digital Identity

When we launched hypersign It was tough to keep community engaged but Afleet came to rescue and it changed complete community dynamics for us.

Rachel Nguyen // Blockchain

Creator ambassador program helped us to build more engagement in official community and grow organic twitter discussions during the launch. We can't think of anything else other than Afleet when comes to ambassador management.

Dibyo Majumder // Fin Tech

Our Ambassador program has been one of the key factors for spreading a word across the world and hence responsible broadly for brand awareness. Afleet played a major role accomplishing the same in well structured approach.

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